General statement

cBackup is free and open source software now and always. Both core software and additional content are distributed free-of-charge without hidden payments nor functionality limitations. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and discord are open for everyone, feel free to contact us or to submit a ticket to the project's Github issue tracker.

However if you like, you can apply for premium support to get priority ticket processing, deployment and routine assistance. If your business demands specific functionality for software or custom-specific plugin you can apply for corporate support on individual terms. As a small team of passionate developers and administrators we can provide flexible approach in terms of development and unique workflow scenarios.

Support plans


€ 0all the time

  • Public support
  • Documentation access
  • Github issue tracker


€ 200one-off payment

  • Deployment by our team
  • One-time voice/video conference
  • Initial configuration assistance


Contact usrequest a quote

  • Individual development
  • Private customizations
  • Highest priority ticket processing
Custom request

Our small consolidated development team has its benefits - we are flexible, open and responsive to incoming requests. If you need specific single feature or custom device support, and/or you need to keep it private, or you have any other specific request - don't hesitate to contact us via any available channel on the right side and we'll do our best to help you.

Please note, that our course is to extend equipment support to the most popular and demanded devices. Therefore we don't enforce to subscribe to paid support if you don't mind waiting your turn. However we ask you to understand that we reserve the right to manage general development priorities.

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